It’s Time to Saunter at Baytown Town Square!

Baytown is probably one of the most unique places to live in all of Texas. This Gulf Coast-centric area of the state is a major contributor to Texas’ oil and gas industry, as well as an ideal spot to fish and enjoy a sunny Saturday out on the water. It’s a quiet and peaceful city, but without being boring! And Baytown’s Town Square is a true testament to that fact as there’s never a dull moment here!

For Baytown residents living in the Town Square area, you’ll find that convenience, entertainment, and all the perks of fashionable living are never out of reach as residents have close access to all the major highlights of the Baytown region. In terms of the best places to live when commuting to Baytown’s Town Square, I heavily recommend Bay Oaks Apartments, Marina Club Apartments, and Providence at Bay. These residential living facilities are all less than ten minutes away from the Town Square and provide quick and easy access to the best places to shop and eat within the area. For a young person living on their own, it’s all a very easy way to get around without much hassle.

The Baytown Town Square boasts some truly amazing sights, smells, and shopping! From its seasonal ice skating rink to its fabulous art center, you’ll never be bored when it comes to getting a solid scoop of the culture and fancy living in the Baytown region. The Baytown Town Square also features the Lee College Performing Arts Center for all you theatre-goers, as well as the Dirty Bay Beer Company for those of you who like to party with a cold one in hand! But that just barely scratches the surface when it comes to things to do! Check out their website and see for yourself why Baytown truly is the best place to be for all your shopping and entertainment needs!

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Nov 23